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ISP Services

Allied offers a variety of ways to get you connected to the internet, enabling you to get you or your company’s footprint accessible, worldwide. Easily scalable services from small informative websites, to let others know who you are and what you do, right up to choosing your own hosting platforms with immersive website design and fibre connections to create a powerhouse of net productivity in the workplace.

Our ISP Services Include:

 • ADSL Services:
  - Capped
  - Uncapped (Home and Premium)
  - ADSL Lines
  - Combo Packages

 • Mobile Services:
  - 3G (For Home, Business or Mobile)
  - LTE (For Home, Business or Mobile)
  - LTE-A Fixed (For Home and Business)

 • VDSL Services

 • Fibre Services

 • Voice Services

 • Domain Hosting Services:
  - Windows Hosted Domains
  - Linux Hosted Domains
  - PLESK Hosted Domains
  - Email / Email Only Hosting
  - Website Hosting